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4 months ago

Gary Briechle is a photographer that I recently discovered and fell in love with. The photographs are take with the wet plate collodion process. The images in the book are a mixture of self portraits and portraits of what he calls his “stand-in family” from Maine and a young girl he has been photographing over 8 years in Arizona. The book, titled “Gary Briechle Photographs” was published by Twin Palms Publishers. The back of the book includes pages from his journal, that he writes and draws in daily. 

Some Ed Ruscha and Paul Graham

At the ICP

At the ICP

Moma Special Collections with David Senior

Moma Special Collections with David Senior

And then a couple more hours at the ICP Library… 

In New York on a not so Spring day, walking over the bridge in Queens to MoMA special collections where we met David Senior who showed us some great things. Then back to the ICP Library where we continued to the point of collapse! 

This book began as a list designer Stefan Sagmeister made in his diary under the title Things I have learned in my life so far, which includes statements such as “Worrying solves nothing” and “Trying to look good limits my life.” The list reveals something that is profoundly true: Although human beings have been pursuing happiness for countless generations, it is not so easily achieved. And we need constant reminders to keep us on the right path.

With the support of his clients, Sagmeister transformed these sentences into typographic works, from billboards in France to sign-toting inflatable monkeys on the streets of Scotland. Accompanied by essays from design historian Steven Heller, Guggenheim chief curator Nancy Spector, and UK psychologist Daniel Nettle, as well as Sagmeister’s own words, the series is revealed as a complex blend of personal revelation, art, and design—an eclectic mix of visual audacity and sound advice.

This book consists of 15 unbound signatures in a laser-cut slipcase. Shuffling the sequence of the signatures will produce 15 different covers.


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